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Windproof Lighter Repair

It works or we fix it free.™

Any Zippo pocket lighter, when returned to our factory, will be put in first class mechanical condition free of charge, for we have yet to charge a cent for the repair of a Zippo pocket lighter, regardless of age or condition. The finish, however, is not guaranteed.

The official representative of Zippo in Latvia - the company "Rippol Z" provides the full range of warranty*service to your Zippo** lighter. For free warranty repair of your lighter it is necessary to provide it to us in any way convenient for you:

•              Send the lighter to: Latgales iela 250, Rīga, LV-1063, Latvija (for SIA "Rippol Z").  Make sure that the lighter is provided with the necessary explanations of the fault (the faster the technician detects the problem, the faster the lighter will be returned to its rightful owner). Sending the lighter back will be at the client’s expense.

•              Bring it to us at 250 Latgales Street, Riga, office 8, 2nd floor (working hours from 12:00 to 16:00 on business days), phone 67189529.

 Maintenance and repairs are not carried out on site on the day of application.

* Please note that the finish is not covered by the lifetime Zippo guarantee. 

** Please note that, according to Zippo policy, when we replace the insert with a new one, the old insert will be recycled. 


IMPORTANT! When sending your lighter, be sure to provide your phone number.

For other goods, the warranty is valid for 2 years from the time of purchase or until the time of refusal of warranty due to unauthorized repairs or other violations.

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